VoiceThread Auto Embed

In trying to add the VoiceThread plugin to a WordPress multisite installation I maintain, I discovered that it is not available via the Plugin repository. After downloading it I noticed it didn’t take advantage of the auto embed functionality of WordPress. So I created this plugin to allow VoiceThreads to be auto embedded into a post or page simply by entering their URL.

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This plugin will allow you to add the SublimeVideo HTML5 player to your site. It will add the Javascript to the head of the site after you provide your player code and allows you to set a default width and height for the player as well as a default poster and preload setting. It also provides a shortcode for embedding the SublimeVideo player in a post or page. Usage is [sublimevideo location=”path-to-folder-containing-videos” width=”#” height=”#” poster=”poster-filename” preload=”none” class=”sublime” download=”yes” thumbnail=”thumbnail-filename” mp4=”mp4-filename” m4v=”m4v-filename” webm=”webm-filename” ogg=”ogg-filename” flv=”flv-filename”] and the only thing you must provide is a url for at least one video format, assuming that other options have been set in the SublimeVideo options page.

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Genesis Treacle

This theme has the same basic layout as my other Treacle adaptations, but it is designed as a child theme of the Genesis Theme Framework by StudioPress. The post footer, post header, and footer are using code inserted with the StudioPress Genesis Simple Hooks plugin. Other than the styling of elements from the Genesis theme the main thing this theme does is implement some custom page templates and a custom sidebar. The side bar has a Top Sidebar, Left Sidebar, and Right Sidebar. Each of these is widgetized and the sidebars contain some elements that fall outside of the widgetized portions. The overall design is a fluid design based around a golden ratio for proportioning the content and sidebars.

Grid Treacle

After creating a fluid version of the theme I decided to also create a grid version. This theme also incorporates page navigation.

Fluid Treacle

I started with the Treacle theme and did some heavy modifications to it. The theme is fluid and makes use of @font-face to style the fonts. I have been tinkering with this theme for a number of years.