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This plugin will allow you to add the SublimeVideo HTML5 player to your site. It will add the Javascript to the head of the site after you provide your player code and allows you to set a default width and height for the player as well as a default poster and preload setting. It also provides a shortcode for embedding the SublimeVideo player in a post or page. Usage is [sublimevideo location=”path-to-folder-containing-videos” width=”#” height=”#” poster=”poster-filename” preload=”none” class=”sublime” download=”yes” thumbnail=”thumbnail-filename” mp4=”mp4-filename” m4v=”m4v-filename” webm=”webm-filename” ogg=”ogg-filename” flv=”flv-filename”] and the only thing you must provide is a url for at least one video format, assuming that other options have been set in the SublimeVideo options page.

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  1. Alessandro Pamini says

    Someone knows if this plugin works in a site built with Dreamweaver instead of WordPress? It’s only for WordPress or for every html page?
    Another question. Using Sublime video I encountered problems making link to clip video from an active area of an html image map. Anyone has an idea to dove the problem? Thanks for any answer. I explain:
    I’m trying to make links in code (through dreamweaver) from an html image map. In this case sublime video doesn’t seem work. If I make links from text, sublime video works perfectly. For example this link from literry text works great. It’s created linking a part of text in a page:


    Instead, when I create a link from an active area of an image map, how I can modify the code to insert the sublime video script?
    For example, this is the code of a link created from an active area of an image map in html page. How can I modify it? Where and what I have to insert into the sublime video script?



    • No, it will not work with a Dreamweaver site. You would just paste in the object code on the page where you want the video. The SublimeVideo plugin has actually been taken over by the creators of the video player and this version is no longer supported.

  2. Hi Jon,

    Great plugin! Makes working with Sublime and WordPress simple to setup.

    I’m currently implementing for a project and have ideas for a few little tweaks here and there. A major one being a filter/hook so that you can choose you activate/deactivate video on certain pages – every page that loads the JavaScript counts towards you Sublime impressions allowance so it would be nice to have the option to restrict it to only loading on certain pages.

    I may be in touch soon….

    – Ben 🙂

    • Ben,


      I’ll start looking into adding a filter/hook and look forward to hearing from you.

      • Here is what I’m thinking Ben.
        add_filter('the_posts', 'conditionally_add_sublimevideo_javascript'); // the_posts gets triggered before wp_head
        function conditionally_add_sublimevideo_javascript($posts){
        if (empty($posts)) return $posts;

        $shortcode_found = false; // use this flag to see if javascript needs to be added
        foreach ($posts as $post) {
        if (stripos($post->post_content, '[sublimevideo ')) {
        $shortcode_found = true; // bingo!

        if ($shortcode_found) {

        return $posts;

      • Conditionally adding the script works well in your new release.

        I have a weird custom loop implementation so it is worth making a note that you can still force the script to be loaded if needed:

        if ( function_exists( ‘add_sublimevideo_header’ ) ) {
        add_action( ‘wp_head’, ‘add_sublimevideo_header’ );

  3. Hello Jon,

    thank you for your great wp-plugin.

    i have three questions:
    1. Is there a way to implement the glass icon in the zoom-thumbs?
    2. Is there a way to arrange the thumbs in lines and columns? and if there is one, how can i make it working?
    3. Do you plan to implement the interactiv-thumbs feature?

    Thank you verry much

    • Thomas,


      1. I’m not sure to what you are referring. Can you indicate where I can find it on the Demo page
      2. I think you would need to do that with the use of a UL/LI structure or a table. I am not aware of any ability of the SublimeVideo Player to arrange the thumbs.
      3. I haven’t really done any Javascript development, so I wouldn’t expect support for the interactive-thumbs feature anytime soon.

  4. Alex,

    It looks like you might be missing the .js from your Player Code in the settings. I just noticed that the zoom is not working again which may be due to a change SublimeVideo made. I’ll be looking into this sometime this week.

  5. Hi Jon,

    First off, thanks for the plugin! It’s great. However, recently it hasn’t been displaying the controls for the player when I use the embedding code. Has this ever happened to you before? You can see what I’m talking about here:


  6. Oops there was supposed to be code b/t the 2 paragraphs of my last comment, let’s see if this works. Just realized, shouldn’t video class=”sublime” and not blank?

  7. Jon, the folder isn’t created by WP, but manually in FTP. I tried your method of changing the setting location to the full URL, but still only the poster shows up. Adding wp-content to folder name didn’t help either. I looked at the source, and only the poster URL is generated correctly. The mp4 file URL isn’t generated, just the file name:

    Iif I use the full path in video embed code, reload page and view source, the source URL is generated correctly, but the video player won’t load in IE or Chrome. That’s the current state of the page, please take a look.

  8. Ray,

    The location should be in the settings and then the videos files should be located in the videos folder. Not sure why the poster would work since it needs to be in the same location as the video. If the location is set in the plugin settings then I do not think adding location=”” in the shortcode would override it. You should be able to do [sublimevideo width=”960″ height=”540″ location=”” poster=”” mp4=”″] in the post if the mp4 is located in the folder.

    If the files/videos/ folder was not created by WordPress then you may need to give the full URL to it which might be something like

    Thanks for the poster/thumbnail suggestion.

  9. Hi Jon, just updated to latest version. The download link hiding is working, but I can’t get the video to play. I set the default video location to “/files/videos/” in settings w/o the quotes, and used below code:

    [sublimevideo width=”960″ height=”540″ poster=”” mp4=”″]

    The image loads but the video doesn’t. I also tried to set the folder location to blank and urls to files’ full urls, but still doesn’t work.

    Please see here:

    Also in your documentation it may be a good idea to distinguish the difference b/t poster and thumbnail.



  10. Yes please, thanks for the timely reply Jon!


  11. Hello, great plugin! A little issue: no matter what browser I view the page in, the download video link always shows. When I view the sourcecode it says it’s only supposed to show when the device doesn’t support viewing of video. How do I get rid of the link?

    Please see



    • Ray,

      In the latest release there is no mechanism to hide them if a browser can play video. In my development version I have implemented a conditional check and a plugin option to show the download links. I should be releasing it sometime this week. Your options will be to display the download links or not based on your SublimeVideo options setting (which can be overridden in the shortcode). I do not know of an easy way to determine if a browser can play video and only show the download links if the browser cannot play video.

  12. Sorry, that last link has to go into production today. I’ve started a test sub-domain and moved it there:

    I think I’ve solved it. They have multiple mp4s for their Dartmoor video. The one I was using was H.264 Main L3.1 which only plays on the iPhone 4 and the iPad. I transcoded it to H264 Baseline 3.0 which is what plays on the 3gs. I called it an m4v (probably non-standard but …). It now appears to work. The trick appears to be that the anchor and the video block must be in the same and the anchor’s link needs to be to a H.264BL3.0 video.

    I’ve seriously hacked around with your script. Sorry about that.
    You can download my hacked version here:
    The “name” shortcode is for future enhancement. I want to be able to give it a name it looks there for all the available files.
    It would be a lot better to integrate this into wordpress in hte same way as images are – with different “flavours” of the video file stored just as thumbnails are for video but thats beyond me right now. (It would also be good to have it transcode but …).

    Hope this helps,

  13. I’ll have to look at it on my iPhone tomorrow.

    Yeah, I thought the sample code they give looked a little odd.

  14. I’m trying to do that myself but I find their implementation a little confusing and unreliable.
    They suggest that the href in the anchor be set to the mobile mp4 version. I don’t quite see how they are tying the anchor to the video block except by proximity. When I try to duplicate their code (just hand coding) from their demo it fails on the iphone (works everywhere else). Not sure what I’m doing wrong (

  15. Thanks for all your work on adapting the SublimeVideo plugin to wordpress. It’s much appreciated. Its working well.

    One question though … why did you add the flash fallback in 1.03? Sublime has a flash fallback and it appears to be working just fine for me in IE6, 7 & 8.


    • Because I’m silly. I must have missed the built-in flash fallback in the list of features.

      Glad you find it useful. I think the next thing I try to add will be support for the zoom feature of SublimeVideo.

  16. Hi,

    Thanks for making the wordpress plugin, but unfortunately I cannot get it to work. I thought it might have something to do with the template/theme but I have tried others and it doesnt seem to work either.

    The theme I am using in ‘wp-coda green’ from here: (but I modified it, if you look at

    However, when I try and put the code within an iframe it works (of course not ideal as it does not popup the whole screen, only in the iframe) so I think something is missing. Any ideas what might be causing this?

    I will definitely donate if I can get it working! Any ideas why it might not be working, even in another theme?

    Here are my video files: Production Showreel.theora.ogv Production Showreel.webm Production Showreel.mp4

    This works, a simple test done from a blank dreamweaver page:



    • Simon,

      One thing I notice is that your Player Code does not have .js at the end. I would try adding .js to your Player Code in the SublimeVideo Options page.

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