This plugin will allow you to add the SublimeVideo HTML5 player to your site. It will add the Javascript to the head of the site after you provide your player code and allows you to set a default width and height for the player as well as a default poster and preload setting. It also provides a shortcode for embedding the SublimeVideo player in a post or page. Usage is [sublimevideo location=”path-to-folder-containing-videos” width=”#” height=”#” poster=”poster-filename” preload=”none” class=”sublime” download=”yes” thumbnail=”thumbnail-filename” mp4=”mp4-filename” m4v=”m4v-filename” webm=”webm-filename” ogg=”ogg-filename” flv=”flv-filename”] and the only thing you must provide is a url for at least one video format, assuming that other options have been set in the SublimeVideo options page.

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